Retirement Points

FY22-23 students who have completed CPE through The School of Military Spiritual Formation have been approved to receive retirement points at a rate of 1 retirement point per week of CPE. To receive retirement points, students must complete and submit the following packet of information:

  1. Front Page Memorandum (Sample template used in State of Idaho) on official letterhead and signed by the State/Wing Chaplain. (Please edit as applies to your situation.)
  2. Syllabi for CPE units completed (choose below as appropriate)
    CPEi: CPE 100 | CPE 200CPE 300CPE 400
    ICPTUnit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Supervisory Units 1-4
  3. Certificates for all completed units
  4. Requested Dates for Retirement Points (Please edit as applies to your situation.)