BCC Preparation

Become a Community Member

Community members have access to all of The School of Military Spiritual Formation’s community groups, including the BCC 

The path leading to board certification can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Different certifying agencies have different processes. Some processes are writing based while others are test and based. Some have role play situations while others have rigorous interview panels. Our BCC Preparation course breaks down the certification process in small, digestible pieces completed in a community-based process. 

BCC preparation materials are available to all members of the SMSF community. Initial membership to SMSF costs $450 with renewable dues of $450. mentor is $450. NGB students who have completed four units of CPE, with at least one unit of CPE coming through SMSF can have access to this community-based course for a period of one-year at the cost of $325. All participants will be placed in a community group, have a BCC mentor, and have opportunity to apply for board certification with The National Association of Certified Military Chaplains, an SMSF partner, free of charge. 

NACMC is a cognate of The Spiritual Care Association (SCA), meaning students may use certification with NACMC to apply for reciprocity with SCA, using their “Path 1 Board Certified Chaplain Process.” Certification with SCA, in turn, gives chaplains the opportunity to receive reciprocity status with many other chaplain certification agencies, including The National Association of Veteran Affairs Chaplains. Motivated students can complete certification within a few months (reciprocity fees for SCA will apply). 

Please submit appropriate payment amount to enroll in our BCC Prep Course, and you will be contacted shortly.