Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

Clinical Pastoral Pyschotherapy Certificate Programs

The School of Military Spiritual Formation has partnered with The Spiritual Care Association’s Capstone University to offer four Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy certificates geared toward applying psychotherapeutic techniques to counseling in a military context. Each of the first three certificates is a 52-week program comprised of six “light load” mini-courses lasting 8-9 weeks each.

They are designed to be taken slowly and reflective in an applied ministry context and accommodate the busy schedules of full-time military chaplains and counselors; however, students can “stack” two, or even three of these certificates if they have strong time management skills. These courses align with state licensure requirements in many states, and students who complete all of our courses can challenge for counseling licensure in most states.

The Certificate in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Students in the Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy certificate program will gain an in-depth understanding in human spirituality and development, spirituality and mental illness, and the application of psychotherapeutic technique to counseling in a military context.

Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

Students in the Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy certificate program will focus on applying psychospiritual therapeutic techniques to group contexts such as in Premarital Counseling, Family Counseling, and Small Group ministries.

They will also learn how to prepare assessments and evaluations for professional clinical contexts.

Certificate in Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

Students in the Trauma Informed Psychotherapy certificate program will gain in-depth knowledge of spiritual trauma and spiritual care ethics, clinical research methods for applied spiritual practice, and apply methods of Satir Family Systems to clinical case studies.

Certificate in Applied Pastoral Psychotherapy Theory and Practice

Students who have completed the first three certificates are eligible to take a 16 week Applied Clinical Pastoral Pyschotherapy (Theory) capstone course before beginning a clinical internship of 1,000 to 3,000 hours (Practice).

Students who complete internships of 1,000-2,000 hours will be eligible for a number of industry specialty certifications while students who complete a 3,000 hour internship will be able to challenge for counseling licensure in most states.

Entrance into these programs requires an interview with our director. 

The School of Military Spiritual Formation has a number of funding partners within the military and paramilitary communities.

If you would like to be placed on the interview list or apply for possible funding, please sign up on the form at the bottow of this page. It is important that you specify your branch, so we can discuss the benefits of the program for your military or civilian roles. Please fill out the form completely, so we can access the proper funding sources to help you continue your education.

 *Availability is dependent on quarterly and annual funding cycles and present partnerships