Program Advisor/Mentor

CHAPLAIN (LTC) DARYL R. HAMAKER is the Senior Chaplain for the Alabama Air National Guard’s 117 th Air Refueling Wing in Birmingham, Ala. He advises Wing and Group commanders on all spiritual, morale, and moral welfare matters for...


Program Advisor/Mentor

Joseph A. Branch is the Wing Chaplain for the 178th Wing, Springfield, OH. In this capacity he directs, develops, and implements peacetime and wartime plans and policies for the 178th Wing Chaplain Corps. He provide

Chaplain (LTC) Jon Pirtle

Supervisor Education Fellow/Writing Mentor

Jon Pirtle is a full-time Army chaplain for the Georgia Army National Guard.   He currently serves as Training Division chaplain for the Army National Guard Bureau wherein he plans, executes, and mentors.  His areas of responsibility include soldiers, families, and..

Lance Sellon

Chaplain (LTC) Lance Sellon

Supervisor Education Fellow

Lance Sellon is the Full-Time Support Chaplain for the Florida Army National Guard where he coordinates day-to-day and contingency chaplain support for Soldiers, Airmen, civilians and their families. He has also served as both a brigade and battalion

Chaplain (CPT) Michael A. Rivera

CPE Supervisor-Educator

Michael Angelo Rivera Jr. is an ordained non-denominational minister within the International Ministerial Fellowship in Excelsior, MN. He serves as the co-founder of Focus and Vision Ministries, a Minnesota Army National Guard Chaplain, a Family..

Susann Estle

Susann Estle

Training Supervisor-Educator

Susann Estle is a Board Certified Chaplain and CPE Supervisor-Educator. Her clinical experience includes thirteen years with the Indiana Department of Corrections, five years as a hospital chaplain, and two as a hospice chaplain. Susann has worked extensively with incarcerated veterans and specializes in ..


Chaplain (CPT) LaTisa A. Steele

Supervisor Education Fellow

Chaplain Captain LaTisa A. Steele is a Chaplain assigned to the Chaplain Corps at the 165th Airlift Wing, Savannah International Airport, Georgia. She is tasked with the spiritual care of the members of the 165 Airlift Wing (AW). Her primary duties include pastoral counseling ..

Chaplain (Capt) Brent W. Little

Supervisor Education Fellow

Chaplain (Capt) Brent W. Little serves as Chaplain, 366th Fighter Wing, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. In this capacity, Chaplain Little serves as unit chaplain and senior protestant chaplain providing spiritual care to 4,200 military and civilian personnel

LT William Bevins, CHC USN

Director of Education

William Bevins is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a Chaplain (LT) in the US Navy, a CPE Supervisor-Educator (CPEI), and a Board Certified Chaplain (Spiritual Care Association). A former professor and editor, he holds an MA in Modern European History from the

CH (CPT) Tra’Vorus Weaver

Supervisor Education Fellow

CH (CPT) Tra’Vorus Weaver serves as a Staff Chaplain at the 104th Fighter Wing, Barnes Air National Guard Base, Westfield MA. He supports more than 1,100 assigned military personnel and their families, ensuring their diverse relgious needs are met and align with the execution of the unit’s..

CH (CPT) Wand Martin

Supervisor Education Fellow

CH (CPT) Wand Martin is the full-time battalion chaplain at the Warrior Training Battalion, Fort Moore, GA., he is the M-Day battalion chaplain at the 711th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Mobile, AL. His daily duties consist of advisement to command leadership providing counsel to ..

Ch, Lt. Col Robert Dunbar

Counseling Supervisor Education Fellow

Ch, Lt. Col Robert “Rob” Dunbar is the full-time support chaplain, 118th Wing, Tennessee Air National Guard, Nashville, TN. He directly advises the Wing Commander and Wing Chaplain on all aspects of the Chaplain Corps mission and all matters pertaining ...

CH (LTC) Vince Lambert

Supervisory Education Fellow

CH (CPT) Vince Lambert currently serves the body of Christ as a speaker, teacher, Chaplain, counselor, and writer. His mission is to assist leaders in developing to their fullest potential and fulfilling their God given calling. He preaches the gospel in churches and conferences to equip..

  • Chaplain (COL) Rodney J. Staggers

    Supervisor Education Fellow