Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

The School of Military Spiritual Formation is dedicated to fostering holistic development and resilience among military personnel. Our commitment to excellence is further strengthened through collaborative partnerships with esteemed organizations that share our vision. These strategic alliances contribute to the comprehensive and transformative experience we offer to our students. 

Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with The Spiritual Care Association and The National Association of Certified Military Chaplains, renowned leaders in professional spiritual care. Their commitment to supporting military chaplains aligns seamlessly with our goals, enabling us to offer an enriched educational experience to our students. Through this partnership, we strive to create a supportive environment that fosters resilience and spiritual well-being.  

See SCA’s press release on our collaborative efforts: Creating a Robust Community-Based Formation Process for Military Chaplains – World News Report – EIN Presswire ( 


The Institute of Clinical Pastoral Training and Clinical Pastoral Education International are a trailblazers in the field of Clinical Pastoral Education. As a key partners of The School of Military Spiritual Formation, they bring quality programs which we have enhanced through military specific didactics and spiritual formation processes that meet the specific needs of our students. Together, we aim to empower military chaplains with the tools and insights necessary for their spiritual and personal growth. 

At The School of Military Spiritual Formation, we are proud to collaborate with The Association of Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapists and The Association of Multifaith Spiritual Directors, two leaders in spiritual care fields related to chaplaincy.  Both of these organizations offer competency-based certification processes, enabling students in our programs the opportunity to use their education to earn certifications in related fields.   

As we embark on this journey of military spiritual formation, we invite you to explore the unique contributions of our esteemed partners. Through these collaborations, we are confident in our ability to provide an unparalleled educational experience that goes beyond traditional training, focusing on the holistic well-being of our military community. 

If your organization shares our vision and is interested in becoming a partner, please [contact information or link to the partnership application form]. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those working in professional clinical spiritual care.